About Me

I am so glad that you stopped by and I can’t wait to meet you. Until then, here are a few things about me!

- I have been photographing families, babies and children for the past seven years (weddings too!).

- I have lived in Portland my entire life… and still love it here.

- I am married to a wonderful husband and we have two beautiful/silly kids…. plus a French Bulldog named Barkley that we admit might be our favorite child.

- I love instagram and you will find that Barkely is on it more than my kids.

- I am addicted to TV… The Walking Dead, Outlander, This is Us… and I like to sprinkle in a season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette too.

- I will never pass up french fries.

- I will always pass on avocado or bananas.

- I have never had a cup of coffee and don’t plan to. 

- I am always on time and sometimes try to be late… but am still on time.

- I wish that I photographed my children more with my big camera and not my iphone.

-I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones! Now, lets go make some memories!